Carnival Party!

For three trumpets and wind band


Carnival Party! is a project meant to give an opportunity to high school students to perform with a virtuoso soloist. Frédéric intends, during his visit at each school, to impress young people and stimulate them to a professional musical career. Thanks to the piece The Carnaval de Venise in Montreal, performed over 20 times in numerous high schools, Frédéric leaves no one unmoved, young and old! Comprising a touch of humour, this work is a pot-pourri of the Venice carnivals that have withstood the test of time thanks to performers-composers such as Herbert L. Clarke, Jules Levy and Jean-Baptiste Arban. Frédéric Demers has added his own variation at the end of the work with a quite… unique personal twist! A level 3.5 for the high school band but level 92 for the soloist, all sorts of surprises may occur, in rehearsal and in concert!