Frederic Demers

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Concerts reviews

“Frédéric’s passion for the cornet is infectious, and his virtuosity has no equal…”

Wanda Kaluzny
Conductor of the Montreal Chamber Orchestra


“Demers’s work is a tour de force in this spectacular work composed especially for him by Louis Babin.”

“Unveiling his talent by way of six trumpets, [Demers] presents the different personalities of the trumpeter through the diverse sounds of his instruments.”

“…trumpeter Frédéric Demers, whose energies allowed us to observe the quality and beauty of the trumpet…masters [the instrument] with remarkable spontaneity and flexibility.”

“Great art in the true sense of the term…”

“…in addition to playing magnificently, [Demers] takes obvious enjoyment in what he does.”

“Not one gesture too many, always precise, acting like the excellent musician he is, with nothing of the diva about him.”

“Lustily applauded, with good reason, by the crowd when the recital came to an end on another excellent note.”

“…he is accomplished and rock-solid as a musician, as a trumpeter, with his six different trumpets, which he has mastered in a superlative way.”

Laurent Leblond

CD Reviews

“ Frederic Demers is one of Canada’s leading trumpet and cornet players and this recording is ample evidence of that truth. ”

“ Demers plays with great finesses and shows that he is not only a masterful technician but also a musician who plays with wonderful sensitivity. ”

“ Demers plays with wit and nostalgic charm. ”

“… outstanding performances of the Neruda Concerto in E-flat…”

“ [The Carnival of Venice in Montreal] allowing Demers to show off not only his cornet virtuosity, but also his superb abilities as jazz soloist. ”]

“ This entire CD is a treat for the listener, a true lesson in style. ”

International Trumpet Guild

“ …the success of this disc rests in the jaw-dropping technical prowess and exemplary musicianship of soloist Frédéric Demers. ”

“ …jazz improvisations by Demers himself, all of which bring the entire program to a rousing and highly entertaining close. ”

“ Demers, playing an Eb cornet, dispatches the work with seemingly effortless elegance ”

“ …all executed by Demers with a breathtaking brilliance that would probably rival that of Clarke himself. ”

“ It is nonetheless an enjoyable listen. ”

“ …the dazzling virtuosity and impeccable musicianship of trumpet and cornet soloist Frédéric Demers. ”

” This disc is a lot of good fun. “

Fanfare Magazine