Frédéric Demers


My pedagogy

I developed a very personalized approach to music education, which promotes the development of students according to their own strengths, and not according to a general method. Each person is unique and I use those specificities to create a program, which fit to each personalities. My goal is not to produce performers, but autonomous interpreters knowing how to use their critical thinking and take initiatives.

  • Classes are given at my home (Jarry / Henri-Julien in Montreal)
  • I rarely move but if that is the case, add $ 10 $ -15 at that price
  • The course is according to my availabilities (constantly changing) and your availabilities from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday.
  • Exceptionally, I could be available on weekend periods according to my schedule
  • Please arrive on time
  • For rates, please see my private lessons prices